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What We Do


Fertility for Cancer Patients

Fertility for Cancer Patients

Magarelli Fertility Center provides free IVF care for selected cancer patients and we can also get help from the pharmaceuticals companies for the products that they produce.

Cancer Treatment increases the risks of sterility in men and women. The risks of infertility after cancer treatment are tricky to estimate because cancer treatment protocols and the combinations of drugs used for treatment are constantly changing. Complicating that fact is that after treatment patients:

  • Often require years until they are deemed clear to attempt pregnancy
  • May not have a partner to attempt pregnancy
  • Achieving pregnancy in normal people, those who have not had cancer treatments, can take upwards of one year
  • Diagnosis and treatment of infertility can take time

If the cancer patient was a child at the time of treatment, then additional time is required before fertility is an issue. Taken together, these multiple factors can delay the determination of the effect of cancer treatment on fertility.

Contact us to find out about the selection process for free IVF care.

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