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Older Parents

Megan and Fadil Lee’s love story started when the two were freshmen in college, and it may have ended there had Fadil not sent Megan a Facebook message 25 years later.

“I was like, OK, is he single or married?” Megan recalls.

After dating for a year and a half, the two married, and Fadil wanted to be a first-time father. Megan was on board, despite being 45 years old and already having two adult kids.

“Let’s face it; we’re all living longer, you know,” Megan says. “And I don’t think that age should be an inhibitor for you if you’re in good health and you’re in good shape. I think that those options should be available to you.”

Dr. Magarelli, who specializes in fertility for older women, agrees. “Now that we’re living to 80, 90 and 100, the idea of a baby at 50 really is not that crazy,” he says.

Dr. Magarelli is helping the couple conceive through IVF. “The uterus doesn’t age; it’s a muscle. So, they’ve done successful IVF and women with donor egg up to age 74 and still got healthy babies,” Dr. Magarelli says.

Kumasi Aaron with the television news program The Now, does a nice job telling the couple’s story.

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