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IVF Success!

Jessa Van der Woerd and her husband Allen, just 23 and 26, we’re struggling to start their family. A sperm analysis revealed the issue was Allen’s sperm: it was the wrong shape and thus couldn’t pierce Jessa’s egg. Dr. Magarelli estimated the couple had just a two to four percent chance of conceiving on their own, so he recommended IVF. Their very first IVF cycle resulted in a healthy embryo! Today Jessa and Allen are proud parents of beautiful Ezra. “When we heard our odds of having a baby, it was heartbreaking,” Jessa said. “We wondered if our dream of having a baby of our own would ever happen. However, because Dr. Magarelli is so positive about the whole experience, we remained hopeful. His practice is very affordable compared to others, and that really helped. Now we have our dream baby. We are so thankful!”

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