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Fertility Financing

MFC Partners

Fertility Financing

Fertility Financing

Many of our patients have questions about financing for their treatments. The costs associated with fertility can be extremely high, but allow us to offer referrals to some great financing programs.

Below is a list of financing programs and services available to help pay for reproductive health medical treatment and medications. Please contact each company directly to find out if their program is right for you.


Magarelli Fertility does not endorse any of the listed programs and services.

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United Medical Credit

Thousands of patients have trusted United Medical Credit to secure affordable payment plans for their procedures. United Medical Credit can do the same for you.

Some of the benefits of choosing United Medical Credit to finance your care:

  • Extensive Network of Prime and Subprime Lenders

  • Multiple Plans to Choose From

  • Decisions Within Seconds

  • No Prepayment Penalties with Flexible Terms

  • Fast and Easy Application Process with No Commitment

  • 100% Confidential

  • Plans available for Credit Challenged Applicants


Future Family

Magarelli Fertility also partners with Future Family – a team of financial experts who offer affordable subscription plans for IVF and egg freezing, with on-demand medical support through Concierge Care.

Future Family is revolutionizing how you pay for fertility care. Affordable plans: We replace the big upfront cost of treatment with a simple monthly fee for IVF, egg freezing, donor services and more. Flexibility: Our plans can be customized and cover clinic costs, testing, lab work, medication, freezing, storage and more. On-demand emotional and logistical support: Our plans include concierge care from expert fertility nurses who provide support throughout the fertility treatment and handle payments, medications and other logistics. To start your fertility journey, visit

Future Family – An easy and quick way to get started:

  • 0 down, no prepayment penalties
  • Immediate and secure pre-qualification
  • Flexible, customized fertility plans
  •  Combined financing and nurse concierge
  • A dedicated expert fertility nurse included

ARC Fertility Financing Program

ARC® Fertility (Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc.) is a nationwide network of top fertility clinics offering discounted treatment packages and financing.

  • ARC® One, Two or Three-Cycle Plus packages include up to three live cycles plus three frozen cycles.
  • ARC® Success Program – Offered with the Two or Three-Cycle Plus, if a live birth is achieved on the first or second cycle, patient would receive a refund for any unused cycles.
  • ARC® Pharmacy Plan offers the patient the ability to purchase and finance fertility medications.
  • Package pricing is also available for: Egg Freezing, Embryo Freezing, Egg Donor Package, Gestational Carrier Package, ICSI, PGS/PGD, IUI, and tubal reversal and urological services.

Qualifications: ARC treatment packages and financing are available at clinics within the ARC network. ARC provides best-in-class fertility financing options—rates and eligibility depend on credit history. Patients should call ARC directly to learn more about specific packages and apply for financing.

Contact: Call the Patient Services Team: 888-990-2727 or visit

Prosper HealthCare Lending: Fertility and Reproductive Financing Program

This program provides financing for any fertility expense including medical treatments and procedures, medications and even travel expenses. Patients can receive fertility financing of up to $100,000, longer term options out to 84 months, and a loan product with no harmful retroactive interest or pre-payment penalties. In addition, patients can receive immediate decisions for loans under $35,000 with a loan inquiry process that can be completed from anywhere on any device without affecting their credit.

Qualifications: Individuals must submit an online loan inquiry and meet basic loan criteria: credit score, annual income, etc. Individuals also must go through a fertility or reproductive clinic enrolled through the Prosper Fertility and Reproductive Financing Program. Contact Prosper to determine if your clinic qualifies.

Contact: For eligibility information, program details, and enrollment form, Call 877-952-LIFE (5433) or visit Call 888.602.6066 

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