Integrative Fertility

Integrative Fertility

MFC and Integrated Fertility Care

From a young age, Dr. Paul Magarelli has been passionate about providing top quality medical care to his community. He initially trained as a nutritional biochemist and animal physiologist, but then found his calling as a fertility doctor. He created the nation’s first integrative bariatric and reproductive medicine programs, advancing the effectiveness of his existing fertility programs.

Dr. Magarelli has studied yoga and martial arts since he was 18 years-old and is currently training for his black belt in Aikido. In 1999, he created an in-house program for yoga and acupuncture, later adding nutritional and psychological counseling. His model is now used in many forward-thinking centers. He believes that knowledge and care must be backed by evidence, so he self-funded over 10 years of research to study the combined effect of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) on IVF outcomes. This would later become known as the CMAP (Cridennda/Magarelli Acupuncture Protocol) for IVF. CMAP is recognized as the most studied and documented acupuncture protocol to help couples successfully have a healthy baby.

His extensive biochemistry background allowed him to create the Advanced PCOS Institute that evolved into the Institute for Sustained Health, LLC. This institute developed a program designed to ameliorate the negative effects of insulin resistance on both reproductive and general health. This pivotal process Dr. Magarelli designed also assisted in the management of obese Americans by pairing patients with a bariatric (obesity) surgeon. This program is still the gold standard regarding the care of obese individuals.

Finally, with help from acupuncturist Dr. Diane Cridennda, Dr. Magarelli helped develop a program for athletes to improve their performance using a Keto lifestyle. This program is now used by world-class triathletes to enhance their athletic ability.

Dr Magarelli and his team believe “a healthy body is a fertile body.” Magarelli Fertility Center is uniquely qualified to help couples achieve healthy bodies through our evidential history of success, proprietary research and unique programs that prioritize the satisfaction of our patients.

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