Budgeting Fertility

Low Cost IVF

Budgeting Fertility

Low Cost IVF

Cost of Premier IVF with FET*

  • Cycle Fee: Includes monitoring & FET at Magarelli Fertility — $7,900
  • Anesthesia — $400
  • Admin Fee — $700

Cost of Premier IVF + FET with PGT-A*

  • Cycle Fee: Includes monitoring at Magarelli Fertility — $7,900
  • Anesthesia — $400
  • Admin Fee — $700
  • MFC Biopsy Plus PGT-A fee — $1,800**

All Self-Pay Rates*

  • OI – $550.00
    OI+IUI – $800.00
  • HSG – $750.00
    Diagnostic Hysteroscopy – $950.00
    Physical Doppler – $430.00
  • Couple New patient office visit – $400.00
    Single New patient office visit – $250.00
  • Female Treatment consult – $157.50
    Male Treatment consult – $76.50
  • Semen Analysis – $100.00
    Sperm Freeze – $250.00
* Medications and pre-treatment fertility testing is not included.
** Additional costs paid to Genetics company may be needed and will vary.

Colorado Springs Infertility Practice One of Handful Spotlighted by Wall Street Journal for Offering Reduced Fee Schedule

Magarelli Fertility Center Founder Dr. Paul Magarelli Says Fertility Services Shouldn’t Just Be Available to the Wealthy


COLORADO SPRINGS –1.28.19 – A Colorado Springs infertility specialist who has been highlighted by the Wall Street Journal for his low fee structure, is a calling on his peers to also offer lower prices and to be transparent about their fee structures.

Dr. Paul Magarelli, founder of Magarelli Fertility Centers, says that technological advances allow he and other specialists like him to offer their patients lower fees than historically have been charged. “In the early days of this specialty the pioneers really did have a ‘special sauce’ that allowed them to offer better results,” Dr. Magarelli said. “Now pretty much all the clinics are using the same off the shelf technology. The cost curve has come down on the providers side, but these cost savings are generally not being made available to patients. They need to be.”

In the spirit of transparency, Dr. Magarelli has published his IVF fees on his website. The fee information reveals that Magarelli’s Fertility Center’s charges are roughly half of what most infertility providers are charging their patients.

“I am working hard to try to simplify and demystify the fees charged for the work I do,” Dr. Magarelli said. “I appreciate it’s very easy if you’re a woman or couple struggling to have a baby to get confused about what infertility services will cost you. There are a lot of variables. However, despite this, I, and we as a profession, can do much better to transparently outline what our charges are so that people can know what these treatments will cost them.”

MFC charges $8,000 for invitro fertilization (IVF) process. This is approximately half what most fertility centers charge. This fee does not include medication and anesthesia costs. These fees vary by patient, but MFC works to ensure patients understand what these additional fees will add to their overall cost.

Dr. Magarelli is also transparent about the IVF process, making sure his patients understand it is most likely they will need two cycles to achieve a healthy pregnancy. “This is the national average, so it’s important patients understand what it will likely take for them to become pregnant and carry a baby to term,” he said.

MFC is known for being more affordable. Dr. Magarelli is equally focused on being known for providing quality infertility care. “Providing quality care that blends the best of western and eastern medical practices – including the use of acupuncture – is at the core of who we are,” he said.

“Having infertility struggles is stressful, so it’s critical we deliver the best care to ensure people are successful in the shortest time-frame possible. They have likely already experienced the heartbreak of not getting pregnant; that is usually why they are our patient.”

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