Costs at a Glance

Free 7-Day Culture

Cost at a Glance

Free 7-Day Culture

Free 7-Day Culture

Free 7-Day Culture

,The MFC difference in IVF includes:

Most IVF centers consider “IVF’ as 17 days of care in which the patient is stimulated with fertility medicines, an ultrasound and blood work are conducted, eggs are retrieved, and embryos are transferred after five days of culture. Once the 17 days are done, the patient is discharged. The average fee for this care in the United States runs between $15,000 to $18,000 per cycle.

The Magarelli Fertility Center IVF program consists of four months of patients care:

  • Month One is the pre-IVF prime month and may consist of special medication to kick start the IVF cycle to reduce the need for a second IVF cycle. (Most patients don’t know that in the United States it takes an average of 2.6 IVF cycles to achieve a healthy baby. At Magarelli Fertility, we do everything possible to achieve success with the first cycle.)
  • Month Two is when the stimulation medication is administered, an ultrasound is conducted, blood work is ordered, egg retrieval occurs and in our case up to 7 days of culture are included. Also, all the embryos are ICSI’d (this is usually an extra charge in some IVF clinics). Assisted Hatching is included (extra charge in some clinics) and vitrification (freezing) of the embryos are included (again extra charge in some clinics)
  • Month Three: the patient primes for her Frozen Embryo transfer cycle and rests
  • Month Four: In Month Four, our patients receive and ultrasound and blood work to prepare them for the upcoming frozen embryo transfer. Two weeks later a pregnancy test is done.
  • The MFC fee for each IVF cycle is $8,000. This includes all costs minus medications which are extra, and does not include CCS testing.

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