Question to Ponder:  If being obese (BMI over 30 = 5”4” female weighing 180 pounds, or 5” 8” male weighing 200 pounds) is a bad thing (many IVF programs restrict IVF to folks less than 30 BMI) then can someone tell me why?

Well:  Let’s look at the data… being female and BMI over 30 is a 5% reduction in your chances of conceiving… is that amount enough to keep you from ever having a baby?  Well it seems the answer is yes… many IVF centers will say come back after you lose weight!  But here is the issue to think about, if you come back 6 months later.. in other words wait 6 additional months to get care for infertility… you reduce your chances of pregnancy by 10%  Yikes. So even if you successfully lose weight… you are still out the original 5%!

Second point… if a man is obese (over 30 BMI) you reduce pregnancy or conception rates by 30%…when is the last time you heard of an IVF practice telling couples you can’t be treated because your husband is too fat?  Never!  Seem hypocritical to me.. how about to you?

Key Issues:  IVF is one of a very few medical care therapies that are “rated” online… if the number of the success rate is good (high) then that defines a “better” practice… but what if the “better” practice does not let obese patient get care?  I will let you do the math…  Are they better or bias or worse good marketers?   Clarity sometimes messes with our reality… stay tuned.

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