We at Magarelli Fertility™ love to help make the dream of one healthy baby come true for those on the journey through infertility. This includes individuals who have a high BMI due to PCOS or other factors.

While other fertility clinics often shy away from providing IVF or other treatments to patients with high BMIs, claiming that obesity is linked to irregular ovulation cycles, a leading cause of female infertility, we believe the reality is not so cut and dry.

An obese patient – someone with a BMI of between 30 and 39 according to the NIH – will not necessarily demonstrate weight-related issues. Refusing patients with strong vitals and a clean medical history, despite their weight, is discriminatory.

Other clinics often enforce a BMI cut-off of 30 to keep their IVF success rates higher, not because the procedure is unsafe for the patient or embryo.

This is why we make an effort to treat all patients, regardless of BMI or weight. While certain risks exist for higher-BMI patients, such as the risk for potential complications while under anesthesia, we work to mitigate such risks and provide care to all patients as long as it is safe for them to receive treatment.

If you have a high BMI due to PCOS or other factors and are looking to grow your family, we would love to be a part of that journey. Please contact us today.