Some facts are needed that will help us understand cheap vs. affordable.

The Details Behind Magarelli Fertility

At Magarelli Fertility, our Affordable IVF utilizes the finest technologies available. We prescribe the same medications used by every other IVF center in the U.S. The media we used is hailed as the best in the industry for embryo culture. Our incubators and embryology lab were designed and certified by the leading IVF lab designer in the country (Antonia Gilligan Ph.D.). And besides, Dr. Magarelli has designed and built 5 IVF centers (most IVF doctors have never built an IVF lab)! Dr. Mag was also instrumental in the design of the stem cell labs at the University of New Mexico and a molecular biology lab at Michigan State University.

Our air handling system for embryos exceeds every known standard in the industry; it is over 40 feet long and attached to our building. We are a CAP certified, FDA approved IVF center. Our embryologists have been trained by the best in the industry and are both lab inspectors for CAP (College of American Pathologist).  Each IVF and FET patient receives an individualized IVF/FET optimized protocol that is inspected, daily, by Dr. Magarelli and his team to determine if the patient is responding optimally, both in the quantity of egg retrieval and the quality of those eggs/embryos.

Comprehensive Care

We add Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to our services because Dr. Mag believes in One Medicine: all healthcare practices are utilized to enhance IVF outcomes including the well-published, world famous CMAP protocol that Dr. Magarelli and Dr. Cridennda invented (Cridennda Magarelli Acupuncture Protocol). Dr. Magarelli recommends his patients utilize optimized nutraceuticals to enhance outcomes. Dr. Magarelli and his team also spearhead new technologies designed to reduce inefficiencies and optimize local and remote monitoring to reduce costs and improve patient compliance, and thereby their IVF outcomes.

What Sets Magarelli Fertility Apart?

Well, then what is the difference between Magarelli Fertility IVF cycles and others? Well, our IVF process is a 3-month program of care; IVF prime month, IVF stim month, and FET month are all included in the standard fees. All embryos are frozen and then transferred in another cycle to augment the chances for implantation (there are no extra fees for these services). Unlimited ultrasound and blood work is included as is up to 7 days of embryo culture (even the slow-poke embryos can make babies – unlike most IVF centers that stop at day 5 and discard embryos.)  Also, we do not charge additional fees for longer culture.

ICSI, Assisted Hatching (if needed), ultrasound guided embryo transfer, and the final pregnancy test are also included. We even include up to 12 months of free extra-embryo storage on and off site, too, so you can await the outcome of your pregnancy prior to paying for storage. There is no limit on the number of embryos we culture or biopsy. Neat, huh?

Understanding the Cost of IVF

Happy couple getting IVF

So why is Magarelli Fertility Premium IVF $8,000 when most other program’s IVF cycles are $15,000+ and may not include FET cycle, 3 months care, unlimited US, etc.? The answer = efficiency and choice.

Every aspect of the IVF process has been optimized for delivery of the finest product with the least amount of wasted time, personnel, and supplies thereby lowering the costs. The fees charged for IVF in the U.S. are completely arbitrary. In most states, IVF is not mandated by insurance companies so it is up to the owners of the IVF centers to set prices.

What is really dangerous about today is that there are many venture capital firms that are purchasing IVF centers, so they set the prices not for what the patients can afford, but for the shareholders’ profits and returns on investment. Yikes! So, EVERY IVF center can match Magarelli Fertility’s fees no problem, IF they are willing to work harder, be more efficient in the provision of their services, and finally reduce the profits they expect.  We want a fair profit for excellent work, and Magarelli Fertility is growing leaps and bounds because folks reading this blog understand. All IVF centers provide regulated care; there are no shortcuts you can take in the U.S. and call yourself a regulated IVF center.

So, you’re seeking a baby and you would like to have one ASAP? We get it. You want the best care (Rolls Royce, right?) You want people that know your name and care about you and provide you-centered protocols and management? Magarelli Fertility has all of that, and more!

Well, there you have it…Live long and Reproduce!