Star date 190101-01:  If you’re a Star trek fan, you certainly understand this reference. This is my Day 1 Blog for Magarelli Fertility, and mostly for you, our patients.  My goal is information, knowledge dissemination, and power.  Why Power? Well, what I’ve come to realize over the last 30 years treating infertility is that patients simply don’t know about fertility. Sadly, even today infertility is a mystery to most doctors and healthcare providers. What I hope is that you find these blog posts a resource for decision-making based on the best knowledge about infertility and its management out there. I’ve always believed that as a profession (M.D., Ph.D.) my job is not only care, but education and professional advocacy for our dear patients.

Healthy Bodies, Fertile Bodies

“Healthy Body is a Fertile Body” and “One Medicine™” are terms I coined.

First, One Medicine™ is defined as medicine that utilizes the best of all practices: allopathic (Western), TCM (Eastern), cultural medicine (Mom and Grandma’s “health tips”), and others, to create or recreate a healthy body. Healthy being defined as a body, mind, and spirit that reflects the maximum potential of that organism: you.

Healthy Body is a Fertile Body™ is best understood as a mantra for couples/individuals to practice when it comes to assisting your assistors (me) in creating One Healthy Baby™(OHB), another term I coined as my goal for all couples being cared for by fertility professionals. There are many factors that can affect someone’s fertility, and these factors “should” be changed into behaviors (even temporary) that augment rather than decrease your fertility. Here are some examples.

The Power of Vitamins

Serum vitamin D and percentage of embryos that are Aneuploid graph

Aneuploid means abnormal embryos. So the more vitamin D in your bloodstream, the fewer abnormal embryos. Neat huh!?

IVF Success Rates and Folate / Folic Acid Graph

This data suggests that if men take an antioxidant, the live birth rates in their partners increase two- to three-fold.

Well, there you have it. Star date 190101-01: Live long and Reproduce! Remember a Healthy Body is a Fertile Body!